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Crest Pumps Group provides compact and highly efficient pumps to well known and established companies within the UK brewing market.

About Our Brewing Pumps

Crest Pumps Group understand the complexity of a brewing system, that’s why we have been chosen to supplied many compact, corrosion resistant, highly efficient pumps to large commercial breweries and distilleries including SharpsGlenCadam Whiskey and Bowman Ales, but we have also supplied smaller independent breweries including Isle of Purbeck brewery with unique pump specifications to allow the pump to fit within existing pipework.

Advantages of our range

Our range of Magnetically Drive Centrifugal Pumps are the industry leader in providing a consistent and efficient (up to 86% efficiency) performance which is extremely important within the brewing industry. Pumps are available in plastic and 316 making them ideal for high temperature and CIP applications.

Why Choose Crest?

As a family run business, we are able to tailor our entire range of brewing pumps to your exact specifications to ensure the pump is the right solution for your application. Our brewing and distillation pumps can be designed to fit in existing pipework with a full range accesories including strainersself-priming chambers and inverters.

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Case Studies

Bowman Ales

Bowman Ales came to Crest Pumps Group with a problem. They had recently purchased a set of pumps from a competitor, however all pumps had failed under the high temperature of their brewing system. Our engineers visitied their plant and suggested our compact and agile AM range of Magnetic Drive Pumps that were able to stand high temperatures of over 110°c in the material ETFE thus solving the problem. The AM range was able to provide Bowman Ales with a higher efficiency, meaning their LCC costs were reduced. The pumps continues to be fully operational in service.

Sharps Brewery

The historic Sharps brewery in Cornwall were redeveloping their production plant and needed a pump that would be suitable for CIP (Cleaning in Place) with a large flow rate. The pump needed an efficiency above 75% as the pump would be active over 20 hours a day. The pump continues to be fully operational in service.

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