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Crest Pumps Group are the UK industry leader in supplying highly efficient Desalination pumps that are built to withstand the corrosive properties of sea water and other corrosive materials.

We provide pumps to all parts of desalination plants! 

About Our Seawater Pumps

Crest Pumps Group’s use of durable, efficient and corrosion resistant materials make our pumps the most reliable Desalination pumps in the industry.

Desalination of seawater is the most necessary source of potable water across the globe and Crest Pumps Group have been chosen time and time again to provide process pumps for large scale desalination plants. Most recently with Ovivo and Osmoflo.

Our Desalination pumps are unique by offering corrosion resistant thermoplastic materials instead of the costly and inferior stainless steel, bronze and cast iron.

Advantages of our range

Our range of magnetically driven (mag drive) centrifugal pumps are the industry leader in providing low cost, high efficiency pumps. Designed for high pressures, high flow rates and high temperatures, the Mag Drive range is fully equipped to withstand all types of corrosive properties that can shorten the life of a pump.

Why Choose Crest?

As a family run business, we are able to tailor our entire range of desalination pumps to your exact specifications to ensure the pump is the right solution for your application. Our sea water pumps can be designed to fit in existing pipework with a full range of accessories including strainersself-priming chambers and inverters.

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Previous Clients



Ovivo Water were working alongside Hyundai Heavy Industries to build a Thermal Power Plant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ovivo needed a set of 8 heavy duty wastewater pumps to transfer caustic soda through the thermal power plant.

Most importantly, the pumps needed a marine paint specification, ATEX certification and as the pumps would be placed outside, fully tropicalized.


Osmoflo Water were building a reverse osmosis desalination plant at the ACWA Power Barka providing over 136,660m3 0f water per day and over 427MW of power to the capital Muscat.

Crest Pumps provided 11 AMX pumps to the plant for process and transfer of sea water and chemical solutions to extended parts of the plant. The reasons Crest were chosen included pump suitability, technical advice, competitive pricing and quick lead time.

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