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For over 40 years, Crest Pumps Group have been the first choice in the UK for Effluent Treatment Pumps. Our Effluent Treatment pumps provide a highly efficient process with a low life-cycle cost. The range has been utilized by companies most recently including Veolia, United Utilities, H+E and Thames Water.

We provide pumps to all parts of the Waste-water and Effluent Treatment Process!

About our Effluent Treatment Pumps

The Crest range of Effluent Treatment pumps are the industry leader providing a low energy consumption whilst maintaining high efficiency over the pumps lifetime. The corrosion resistant nature of the effluent pumps ensures the highest safety standards against potential leakages or dry-running.

Crest Pumps recommend using centrifugal process pumps for effluent pumping, either magnetically driven (mag drive) or mechanically sealed for the longest life and the best protection against corrosion and system failure.

Advantages of our range

The range of effluent treatment and wastewater pumps has been built to be totally safe and reliable in an industry where safety and consistency is paramount.

To eliminate expensive clean-up costs, our Magnetic drive effluent pumps are seal less and therefore leak-free. This combined with a high efficiency of up to 86%, reduces the total cost of the pump over its lifespan. All applications are covered as our pumps can be built in a range of durable and corrosion resistant materials, from 316 stainless steel and polypropylene, to Hastelloy and ETFE materials for specialist applications.

Why choose Crest?

As a family run business, we are able to tailor our entire range of effluent treatment pumps to your exact specifications to ensure the pump is the right solution for your application. Our effluent treatment pumps can be designed to fit your existing pipework, plus a full range of accessories including strainersself-priming chambers and inverters.

We also provide Vertical Pumps for effluent treatment and wastewater in either  Plastic or Stainless Steel.

Our Most Popular Effluent Treatment Pumps

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Thames Water 

Thames Water is the main utility company responsible for effluent and wastewater treatment for the greater London Area.

Thames Water submitted an enquiry to Crest Pumps via the Achilles UVDB portal. Thames Water required a set of pumps to be built specifically into existing pipework in the Bromley Area. Crest Pumps recommended the PP32 range for the best flow rate and head and smalls solids pump capability, whilst having the ability to tailor these pumps to Thames Water’s exact needs.


Ovivo Water were working alongside Hyundai Heavy Industries to build a Thermal Power Plant in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Ovivo needed a set of 8 heavy duty wastewater pumps to transfer caustic soda through the thermal power plant.

Most importantly, the pumps needed a marine paint specification, ATEX certification and as the pumps would be placed outside, fully tropicalized.

Talk to us directly! Our engineers are on hand to discuss the right solution for your Effluent Treatment application!

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Magnetic Drive Pumps

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