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Fuel Cell renewable energy tripled market share in the last 5 years. Many large energy companies including Vanadis Power have chosen Crest Pumps Group because we understand the complexity and advanced nature of the industry and provide process pumps capable of handling the precise nature of the application.

We provide pumps to all parts of the power generation process!

About our Fuel Cell Pumps

The Crest range of Fuel Cell pumps provide the highest efficiency and the lowest possible energy consumption whilst pumping highly aggressive chemicals.

The fuel cell battery is an electro-chemical battery that uses one active chemical material “Vanadium” in a flowing electrolyte that stores energy in external electrolyte tanks. Electrolyte is pumped from storage tanks through reaction stacks, electrons transfer between different ionic forms of the vanadium and chemical energy is converted into electrical energy (discharge) or electrical energy is converted to chemical energy (charge).

Crest Pumps Group recommend utilizing magnetic drive pumps for any fuel cell pumping application for the ultimate in safety and reliability.

Advantages of our range

The range of fuel cell pumps have been built to be totally safe and reliable in an industry where safety and consistency is paramount. All of our fuel cell pumps are available with ATEX certification ensuring full explosion protection where required.

Our fuel cell pumps are magnetically driven ensuring a leak-free design combined with a high efficiency of up to 86%, reducing the total cost of the pump over its lifespan. The AMX and AMA range of pumps are built to last, ensuring the maximum life of your plant with the minimum of maintenance cost.

Why choose Crest?

As a family run business, we are able to tailor our entire range of fuel cell pumps to your exact specifications to ensure the pump is the right solution for your application. Our fuel cell pumps can be designed to fit in existing pipework with a full range of accessories including strainersself-priming chambers and inverters.

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Our Most Popular Fuel Cell Pumps

Vanadis Power 

Vanadis Power are at the forefront of developing vanadium into a renewable energy source that stores the kinetic energy from solar power. Vanadis needed a set of 6 pumps that were able to pump from both the positive and the negative electrolyte terminals into the membrane (reaction cell) where the power is generated and stored into the back into the tank.

Crest Pumps Group provided the AMX 552 range for duty and head needed for the vanadium power batteries. The AMX range has become the industry standard in providing reliability and efficiency combined with total corrosion resistance.




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