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Crest Pumps Group is one of the UK’s largest supplier of centrifugal pumps for Fume Scrubbing applications.

For over 40 years, Crest Pumps Group have supplied companies including OSIL, Gee&Co and Forbes Group.  Fume Scrubbers are designed to minimise environmental harm by neutralizing the release of fumes during storage.

About Our Fume Scrubber Pumps

Due to the diverse nature of our Fume Scrubber pumps range, we can supply pumps that are built lined with thermoplastics for the ultimate corrosion resistance when scrubbing liquids such as Caustic for Hydrochloric acid fumes.

Our range of leak-free, high efficiency and compact magnetic drive pumps reach efficiencies of up to 86%, providing a lower LCC and longer life compared to our nearest competitors. Our ECC range are a reliable and cost effective solution for larger scrubber recirculation flowrates.

Advantages of our range

As a UK manufacturer of chemical resistant centrifugal pumps, any pump can be tailored to your exact specification – whether that be a particular seal or motor type, to modifying the shape and size of a pump to fit existing pipework / tight spaces.

All mag drive pumps are available ex-stock, regardless of size or material. All mechanically sealed pumps are individually built to order, but still available on quick lead times.

Why Choose Crest?

As a family run business, we take great pride in our customer service and technical experience to ensure the pump we recommend is the right solution for your application. Our team of expert engineers are on hand from query to after sales to ensure every pump supplied is installed for a long, successful and hassle free life!

Our Most Popular Fume Scrubber Pumps

Need a Pump for Fume Scrubbers? Talk to our industry specialists for expert advice and competitive pricing.

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Patented Run-Dry Design Running dry is one of the biggest causes of failures to acid pumps. With Crest’s Fume Scrubber mag drive pumps, the Patented Run-dry design will stop the pump failing if there is a problem in the process, meaning less down time for your business.
High Efficiency Design To reduce your electrical running costs, every pump is designed with the very latest hydraulic design programs and computerised fluid dynamics. The AME range can perform up to 80% operating efficiency, reducing operating costs and energy consumption at peak levels.
High Temperature resistance High temperature resistance means the Fume Scrubber pumps range can pump a wide variety of corrosive applications with ease up to <150c this is because of the simple PFA lining which gives outstanding chemical resistance.
Leak-Free Design Using this static sealing instead of the traditional dynamic mechanical seal solves the problem of leakage, avoiding unnecessary clean up bills which may incur if there was a problem in the production line.
Ex Stock Availability To minimise any disruption to your operation, all mag drive Fume Scrubber pumps are available ex-stock. All mechanically sealed pumps and spares are also available on very short lead times.
Unique Buffer System To reduce your maintenance costs, every mag drive Fume Scrubber pump has a unique buffer system, designed to absorb vibrations and shock caused by adverse operating conditions. At the same time, the dynamic buffer is self-adjusting, allowing a better face to face contact between the thrust ring and the wear ring, minimizing wear and increasing service life.

Need a Pump for Fume Scrubbers? Talk to our industry specialists for expert advice and competitive pricing.

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