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We provide marine pumps to all processes on modern shipping, oil-tanker and marine environments. 

About our marine Pumps

Crest Pumps Group are your global partner providing highly quality, high efficiency and total corrosion resistant marine pumps. Our marine range has been tried and tested throughout the world have been installed on many ships over our 40 years in the industry.

We cover all processes! Certified with ISO 9001, 14001, and pumps built to ISO2858, and 2084, our marine pump range ensure the upmost in safety and reliability, including processes in:

  • Engine Room
  • Ballast
  • Waste Water Management
  • Fire fighting
  • Boiler feed
  • Air conditioning
  • All essential utilities

Advantages of our range

Don’t be let down by other suppliers! All spares and replacement parts can be shipped out on next day delivery, ensuring your process remains running to alleviate downtime.

The whole range of marine pumps can be tailored to the plants specification to provide you with a fully Customised Pumping Solution ensuring the pump is exactly right for your process. 

Our Marine pumps can be magnetically driven ensuring a leak-free design combined with a high efficiency of up to 86%, reducing the total cost of the pump over its lifespan. All applications are covered as our pumps can be built in a range of durable and corrosion resistant materials, including 316 stainless steel and polypropylene.

Why choose Crest?

Our expert engineers have built an extensive knowledge of the marine industry and can help advise and assist you to make the right decision for your pumping needs.

As a family run business, we are able to tailor our entire range of marine pumps to your exact specifications to ensure the pump is the right solution for your application. Our marine pumps can be designed to fit in existing pipework with a full range of accessories including strainersself-priming chambers and inverters.

Our Most Popular Marine Pumps

Talk to us directly! Our engineers are on hand to discuss the right solution for your application

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Macduff Shellfish

Macduff contacted Crest Pumps Group to provide a range of pumps for their fishery ships based in Aberdeen. They needed a pump model that was able to pump a large amount of solids in sea water whilst remaining totally corrosion resistant and energy efficient.

Crest Pumps Group supplied 5 SHC stainless steel centrifugal pumps with a vortex impeller for solids passage.

Princess Imperial Super Yacht 

The engineers working on the famous Princess imperial Yacht contacted Crest Pumps Group as they were refurbishing the air conditioning system. The yacht needed a range of compact pumps to process coolant around the ship. Most importantly, these pumps needed to be delivered next day as to not slow down refurbishment.

Crest supplied a range of in-stock AMX440s for the compact size and relatively small flow and head required. These pumps have been tried and tested in ships and are the number one choice for reliability.

Pendennis Shipyard

Pendennis Shipyard were refitting two super yachts, Ilonka and Beagle V. The pumps were for pumping sea water into the desalination system and needed to be compact as space onboard was limited.

Crest supplied the compact AM10 range for the duty required. But most importantly, the AM10 was customized to fit into the existing pipework on-board these ships ensuring that our pumps were the right solution for their process.

Talk to us directly! Our engineers are on hand to discuss the right solution for your application

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