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We provide pumps to all parts of the Pharmaceutical Plant process!

About our Pharmaceutical Pumps

Crest Pumps range of pharmaceutical pumps are the industry standard in safe, reliable and efficient process pumping. For any type of corrosive application in the pharmaceutical or biotech sector, the Crest range will give you and your business complete piece of mind with pumps built to last. 

Ensuring safety, our pumps can be built to full ATEX certification when required.

Even for pumping highly viscous liquids, our pharmaceutical pumps are designed to retain high efficiency throughout its lifetime. Available in either Mag Drive or Mechanically Sealed designs – we have the best solution to your requirements.

Advantages of our range

In an industry where safety and consistency is paramount, all pumps supplied by us are built under ISO9001 processes to achieve a superior pump every time. We have specialised in chemical pumps for over 40 years and take great pride in our reputation for rugged and robust pumps.

The whole range of pharmaceutical pumps can be tailored to your plants specification to provide you with a fully Customised Pumping Solution, ensuring the pump is exactly right for your requirements.

Reducing the total cost of the pump over its lifespan, our pharmaceutical pumps can be magnetically driven ensuring a leak-free design, combined with a high efficiency of up to 86%. All applications are covered as our pumps can be built in a range of durable and corrosion resistant materials, from polypropylene and 316 stainless steel, to ETFE and Hastelloy materials for specialist applications.

Why choose Crest?

Over our 40+ year history, our expert engineers have built an extensive knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry and can help advise and assist you to make the right decision for your pumping needs.

To minimize your costs our pharmaceutical pumps can be designed to fit into existing pipework where non ISO standard pumps have been installed. Available with range of add-ons and spares including strainersself-priming chambers and inverters.

Our Most Popular Pharmaceutical Pumps

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We were approached by Brenntag with an enquiry after being recommended by another well known chemical manufacturer. They needed 3 small pharmaceutical pumps capable of handling a caustic based application that could run efficiently for long periods throughout the day. The pumps would primarily be used for transferring chemicals from one system to another.

Crest supplied 3 PP22 mechanically sealed pumps that were of compact size, could run efficiently and could be relied upon for a many years service with minimal maintenance. The PP range has a capacity of up to 26 m3/hr and a head to 22 metres. The pump was built from solid plastic at our UK manufacturing plant and was built in polypropylene with a double seal arrangement.


Novartis needed 11 pumps for a new energy efficient, cooling tower at one of their pharmaceutical plants in the Northwest of the UK. Crest supplied 11 SHC pumps fitted with vortex impellers in order to satisfy the requirement to handle potential solids within the system.

The SHC pumps were built in 316 stainless steel for the ultimate in corrosion resistance against long term use. The SHC pumps were also supplied with ABB IE3 motors and thermistors as per the customers specification.


We have been a preferred supplier for GSK for over 15 years providing a range of durable pumps for multiple parts of the conglomerate.

Crest Pumps most recently supplied a set of AMX mag drive pumps to one of the UK GSK sites as part of the transfer process of hydrochloric acid. Being a seal-less mag drive pump, the AMX range was chosen due to its zero risk of any leakage of corrosive and dangerous liquid. The pumps were available ex-stock and were dispatched same day.

Talk to us directly! Our engineers are on hand to discuss the right solution for your application

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