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The PPM range of Mechanically Sealed pumps have been perfected over 40 years. Manufactured in the UK from solid, the PPM range is the ultimate and most robust pump when dealing with corrosive liquids and pure water applications.

The PPM range comes in Polypropylene, PVC, PTFE, PVDF and 316 stainless steel, ensuring total flexibility to your current or new pipe work.

Priming Chambers can also be fitted to allow suction lifts of up to 4 meters.

Max Capacity Rate: 26m³/hr (433 l/m)
Max Discharge Head: 66 meters
Manufactured in our UK Plant

ppm pump

ppm pump 2

ppm pump chart

ppm pump flow

Application terms mechanical seal2

    • Capacity to 433 l/m (26m3/hr)
    • Heads to 66 Meters
    • Choice of durable materials
    • Corrosion Resistant
    • Flexible to design requirements
    • Robust design
    • Multistage for increase pressure/li>
    • Manufactured in the UK

Low Flow High Head

Our PPM range of pumps are built for low flow and high head applications whilst maximising efficiency. The PPM range is an extension to the well proven PP range, available in either two or three stages. The liquid is pumped from stage to stage, increasing the discharge pressure whilst maintaining the flow rate.

Machined from solid

All of our mechanically sealed chemical pumps are machined from solid, ensuring the robustness of the operation and the mechanical strength of the pump against harsh, corrosive chemicals.

Choice of durable materials

The PPM range comes in a choice of corrosion resistant Polypropylene, PVDF or PVC to increase the pump life and increase time in-between pump servicing.

Flexibility to design requirements

Crest offer a totally flexible design specification, meaning a pump can be entirely built to your business design requirements. For example, the PPM range can be built to the specifications of your existing pipework and dovetailed into that pipework, acting like a ‘straight swap’. This ensures ‘downtime’ and costs are kept to a minimum.

18 Month warranty

The whole range of Mechanically Sealed pumps come with 18 months warranty, as an assurance that the pump is built to last.

No obsolete part Policy

All of our pumps come with our No Obsolete parts policy, meaning if your business has a Crest made pump for 40 years, we will be able to provide your business with parts and an exact replacement to minimise disruption to your process and therefore efficiency.

Short lead time

Crest Pumps was built on the founding principle of quick lead-times and we are able to achieve quick lead times by carrying a large amount of stock, meaning that most pump spares can be sent via next day delivery.

Multiple Seal arrangements

The PPM range of mechanical seal pumps is available in a wide variety of seals and O-rings depending on the application. Click here for more details about which seal would suit your application.

    Range Performance Curves

    PP mechanically sealed pumps performance curve

    Range Specifications Table

    PP mechanically sealed pumps Specification Table

    Range General Arrangement

    PP mechanically sealed pumps General Arrangement


    PP mechanically sealed pumps Dimensions

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