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About Us

Les Dashwood built Crest Pumps in 1973, with one aim:

“To be the UK’s first choice for chemical pumps and to manufacture and supply the best pumps for our customers requirements.”

Adding value to our customers through providing:

  1. Outstanding service
  2. Experienced technical advice
  3. Manufacturing flexibility

To ensure this was achievable the company would;

    • Respond to enquiries quickly and effectively
    • Provide reliable Chemical Pumps built to stand the test of time
    • Keep all prices competitive
    • Continue to provide Chemical Pumps for all types of applications
    • Hold a large amount of Ex Stock, including pumps, spares and parts
    • Provide excellent customer service and engineering advice


These guiding principles have ensured that Crest Pumps remains one of the top UK manufacturers and suppliers of mechanically sealed and Magnetic drive pumps.

Crest Pumps is managed by Tony and James Dashwood, direct descendants of founder Les Dashwood. Under their leadership, Crest Pumps has grown to new heights servicing bigger and more diverse companies.

Crest Pumps

With over 40 years of experience, Crest Pumps has continued to innovate and excel in building high quality chemical pumps suitable for any application. Crest was one of the first companies in the industry to pioneer the building of pumps in plastic – which allows for harsher applications.

Our unique and experienced in-house manufacturing plant offers flexibility and the ability to tailor a pump to your specific business needs.

Crest Pumping Services

Crest Pumping Services – the sister company to Crest Pumps – specialises in supplying high quality Magnetic Drive Pumps from Assoma. Our Mag drive pumps are industry leaders in dealing with all types of applications, from caustic-based cleaning solutions to harsh hydrofluoric acids.
Our Mag drive pumps also boast our patented Run-Dry design, meaning if there is a problem in the production line, the pump will not fail as a result.

Our Magnetic Drive have passed the most stringent quality control tests to ensure every chemical pump is in excellent working condition. Our pumps have been certified with ISO9001, ISO14001 and QC08000 regulations, ensuring quality manufacturing.

Want more information about our range? Give us a call on 01425 627700.


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