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Company History

Crest Pumps has had a long and diverse history to get to where the company proudly stands today.


Beginning in the early 1960s, Les Dashwood, originally set up Crest Engineering near Ferndown, Dorset, to provide repair services and maintenance to larger companies such as Rolls Royce Aerospace, BAE systems and Deccar Radar.

Crest Engineering was different than its competitors because it understood the minutae technical aspects of each individual product repaired. Crest was known for its unique and extensive repair process, which featured a comprehensive product analysis stage to fully understand the products’ problem. This level of detail was second-to-none at the time which allowed the company to excel in its field.

After Rolls Royce was nationalised and the market was starting to evolve; Crest began to expand its offering into new and emerging markets, manufacturing its very own pumps.


Thus, in 1973, Crest Pumps was born out of Crest Engineering.

Crest Pumps was set up to carry on the founding principles of Crest Engineering;

    • Keep an extremely high level of detail
    • Provide reliable chemical pumps able to stand to the test of time
    • Provide pumps and services to meet all types of applications
    • Hold large amounts of stock, including pump spares and parts to reduce lead time
    • Respond quickly and efficiently to all enquiries
    • Provide excellent customer service and engineering advice


These guiding principles ensured that Crest Pumps provided a premium service every time an order was placed. This allowed the company to grow in its new direction quickly by providing quality UK made Mechanical Seal centrifugal chemical pumps. These horizontal pumps quickly became a quality standard against competitors. Crest continued to supply to BAE while gaining new blue-chip customers such as Royal Brierley, Constantine & Wier and UK Plastics limited, to name a few.


By the early 1980’s, Crest Pumps started to incorporate new materials into the design of its pumps to streamline production and reduce costs to the customer. New pumps would feature different types of plastics, to cater for different applications, allowing harsher and more corrosive chemicals to be processed.

The growing product range with adaptive and efficient pumps allowed Crest to grow both nationally and internationally.


By 1996 Crest Pumps had moved to Southbourne, Dorset – staying in the local area. Tony Dashwood, son of Les Dashwood, had now taken the helm of the company exploring different sized pumps and improving on current models by introducing different add-on products to enhance the pumps efficiency, such as the quality self-priming chamber.


In 2003, the company moved once more to New Milton in Hampshire, on the border with Dorset, to a bigger production plant to accommodate for the company’s growth, whilst continuing to provide a solid and reliable service to new customers such as Coca-Cola, Motorola, Astrazeneca.

By 2009, James Dashwood, son of Tony Dashwood, had joined the company with fresh ideas and innovations. From 2009 Crest Pumps introduced Magnetic Driven pumps into the range of centrifugal pumps to answer key demand within the growing market.

This technical development and drive to constantly innovate allowed Crest Pumps to push through the 2009 recession and advance to be a market leader.


In 2011, Crest Pumps diversified and introduced a sister company to continue to provide a one of a kind service for its clients; Crest Pumping Services.

Crest Pumping Services would be the import and distribution arm of the company providing reliable, efficient and innovative new Magnetic drive pumps from ASSOMA. This diversification allowed Crest Pumps and Pumping Services to fully understand and answer the demand for both products maintaining the customer service that has historically been second to none.

Harsher more corrosive applications could be processed and on a much larger and grander scale with a wider variety of materials to suit every production line and all chemicals. By introducing ETFE and 316 Stainless Steel, customers could customise exactly what they required from both mechanical seal and magnetic drive pumps.

The Magnetic Drive pumps now account for 50% of the company’s total production.

Crest Pumps and Crest Pumping Services continue to grow and answer key market demand with its founding principles still in place, driving the company to be as flexible and efficient as it can be.

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