What is the Difference Between ETFE and PTFE?

2018-12-04T14:20:28+00:00 August 18th, 2014|

Both Magnetic Drive and Mechanical Seal pumps are able to be customised  and built with ETFE, PVDF, PVC and PTFE which work as the ‘protection’ against the corrosive materials pumped. ETFE (or Ethylene tetraflurorethylene) is a fluorine based plastic, equipped with a high melting point and an excellent chemical, electrical and high energy radiation resistance property. PTFE (or polytetrafluroethylene) [...]

Chemicals Sector Expands for Fourth Consecutive Month

2018-02-09T14:41:06+00:00 August 18th, 2014|

The EU chemicals sector continued to show a strong trade surplus, but growth of the surplus has slowed markedly in recent years, swelling only € 1.0 billion to € 48.8 billion in 2013. Confidence levels for the sector remained broadly unchanged in March 2014 compared to February 2014. But trends in capacity utilisation and employment [...]

How to ensure a long life for your mechanical seal

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Mechanical seals continue to be the number one cause of chemical pump downtime. This is normally because the seal face has either worn out or the seal has suffered damage. If it’s the former, replacing the seal is normally the logical course of action but if it is the latter, it’s likely the rest of [...]