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reputation, integrity and customer satisfaction matter to us more than anything else.

Crest Pumps was started in 1973 by Les Dashwood, who is the Grandfather of current Managing Director, James Dashwood. We specialise in the manufacture and supply of chemical resistant centrifugal pumps which are used in many different process industries where corrosive liquids are involved. These range from the world’s largest chemical manufacturing plants and water treatment works to your local car alloy wheel repairer.

We understand that it is not just a pump you are looking to buy, what you really need is TRUST. When purchasing any chemical resistant pump for dangerous liquids, you need to be confident and safe in the knowledge that not only can the pump be relied upon to do its job effectively, reliably and safely. But also the company you purchase from will back you up should you ever need any form of after sales support.

If a pump fails and your system goes down and production stops, how much does that cost your company? How much could it cost your reputation?
As a British manufacturer of chemical resistant pumps, we understand how the financial and reputational cost of a plant shutdown is just unthinkable. As engineers, we all love our systems and processes to run like clockwork.

That’s why reliability and longevity is at our core. For all the pumps supplied since 1973, we can proudly say that our reliability ratio is 99.98% meaning that you never have to worry about unplanned downtime again.

We work with you to fully understand your key requirements and offer you the best solution for long term reliability and energy efficiency. Having this key data means you unlock our Zero Pressure Guarantee whereby the pump is guaranteed for life – In the unlikely event you do have an issue, we guarantee to find you a solution and get your pump running effectively again as quickly as possible.

We appreciate this could all sound like marketing blurb, but we’ve been manufacturing pumps for nearly 50 years and it’s what we’ve done since the beginning. Since we have been ISO9001 certified, 0.02% of pumps supplied have had an issue due to us making an error. We take every single failure very seriously and work with the operator to quickly identify the issue. Because every pump is performance tested and undergone a 10-point quality control check before despatch, we know the pump is already proven to perform successfully. So, we work with the operator to source the underlying problem which can often be dry running, cavitation, air locks and such like.

But if we cannot identify the cause, we investigate the pump and if needs be, we repair or replace the pump or parts under warranty completely free of charge.

Please look at the public feedback on google and LinkedIn to see testimonials that echo our focus on reliability and service. We have such a high success rate because we take the time to really understand your requirements at the enquiry stage. So when it comes to operation, you can rest assured the pumps will work efficiently and effectively so you won’t really have to think about them again.

And as certified pump system auditors, when working with us you will have the best chemical pumping solutions because we factor your entire life cycle cost and not just the initial price. Because the biggest cost is not the purchase price, but the energy consumed. And since pumps account for 10% of the world’s electricity usage, with 90% of these running inefficiently – your opportunity for environmental and financial costs savings are simply huge.


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