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Addison (Chemical)

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Addison (Chemical) Case Study

Company Addison Project PLC
Industry Chemical
Application Water/Caustic based Solution
Capacity 10m3/hr
Discharge Head 5 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied CSS20
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Speciality The pump specifically needed to be able to run dry indefinitely and be customized to fit within existing pipework.

Addison Project PLC is a large design engineering Service Company renowned for its design and construction management of large scale industrial projects, including nuclear, power, utilities, pharmaceutical, food, waste and oil plants.

Addison submitted an enquiry to Crest Pumps for a custom built pump that was required for a chemical plant being built in Widnes. The pump would need to be vertical and be able to run-dry indefinitely, an important factor in their production.

Crest Pumps supplied the UK made CSS20 Vertical Chemical Pump from 316 Stainless Steel providing ultimate rust resistance and guarantee of a long life. The CSS20 would also be able to run dry indefinitely, meaning the pump would be protected from any faults that may occur on the production line.

This allowed Addison to provide to their customer with a quick and reliable partner for their process equipment where down time and ongoing costs would be kept to a minimum. Our ‘no obsolete parts’ policy, gave them assurance that if there were any problems with the pump, we would still be able to repair or replace the pump years down the line.

We continue to have a strong working relationship with Addison Project LTD.

CSS Vertical Plastic Pump - Addison Design

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