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AkzoNobel were able to improve overall process efficiency by 26% switching from a competitor pump to our SHC and AMX high efficiency ranges. Thus reducing cost while improving their ecological profile.


Akzo Nobel is a specialist chemicals and paint company with an international presence in over 80 countries in the world.

As Akzo Nobel were updating their site process, their current pumps were under performing with a low efficiency (with detrimental costs implications) and had recently been prone to leakage (which undermines both cost efficiency and ecological integrity).

As a result, Akzo Nobel submitted an enquiry for two horizontal pumps capable of maintaining a high efficiency, combined with ATEX, zone 2 certification and a specific chemical resistant epoxy paint requirement. The first pump required a large discharge head and consistent flow. In addition, the second pump would be processing sodium persulphate, meaning the pump needed to be corrosion resistant and seal-less to ensure a leak free process.

Crest Pumps supplied the SHC 50-32-160 for the first pump required. The SHC combines high efficiency with a high head and high flow in a stainless steel construction. Designed with a closed impeller for optimal energy efficiency. We also supplied a PSP1 dry run monitor to protect the pump from faults on the process line.

The Magnetically driven AMX553 was supplied for the second pump because the AMX is seal less and therefore leak-free. The AMX is the industry standard in safe pumping of corrosive and harsh applications and therefore was the most suited pump for the specified persulphate.

As a result of installing and utilizing the highly efficiency range of process pumps from Crest Pumps Group, Akzo Nobel were able to improve process efficiency by 26% average across both process lines – as well as reduce operational costs by 18% annually, on the second process line. Crest pumps supplied a solution which improved both cost efficiency and ecological integrity.

By switching to Crest Pumps Group, Akzo Nobel could rest assured that the supplied pumps are the most suited for the application and at least (if not well over) 10 years in operation.

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Company AkzoNobel
Order Placed 05/08/13
Delivery Date 13/08/13
Application Lansurf LKD, formaldehyde, phosphoric acid
Capacity 9.6 m3/hr
Discharge Head 20 meters
Viscosity 255 cSt
Model Supplied SHC 50-32-160
Material 316 Stainless Steel
Company AkzoNobel
Order Placed 05/08/13
Delivery Date 13/08/13
Application Sodium Persulphate
Capacity 30m3/hr
Discharge Head 32 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied AMX553
Material Polypropylene

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