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Babcock Marine


Babcock Marine – Case Study

Babcock Marine is the UK’s leading naval support company providing servicing, infrastructure management, operational management and strategic planning to the Ministry of Defence and various other ship builders, marinas and energy companies including BP and Shell.

Babcock were working alongside the Ministry of Defence to start on a raft of renovation works to improve cost efficiency and streamline operations at the HM Naval Base in Clyde.

Part of the operational improvements included upgrades to the effluent treatment parts to the vessel docks. Effluent water would be unloaded into deep sumps and then processed into a regeneration tank.

We originally supplied the CVS30/140 in 1990 for the construction of that part of the site. These pumps were supplied to provide an efficient pump in a stainless steel construction, with an extended column length for the depth of the pump.

Babcock utilised our ‘No obsolete Parts’ policy and after 13 years of continuous operation, reordered the 2 stainless steel CVS’s with upgraded efficiency and motor requirements.

These upgraded pumps needed a further extension of 1 meter on the column length, bringing the total to 4.3 meters depth. Stiffening bars were included to give maximum strength to the CVS pumps.

These upgraded CVS pumps with their improved efficiency, meant the motor size could be reduced from 4.4kW down to 2.2kW giving a saving of £980 per pump, per annum, from the previous pumps.

By choosing Crest Pumps Group as the supplier of custom made, UK manufactured Vertical Stainless Steel Pumps, Babcock and the Ministry of Defence ensured continued safe and reliable pumping over a long period of time. While the original pumps lasted over 13 years with trouble free operation, at least the same is expected with the updated models.

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Company Babcock Marine
Industry Marine
Application Regeneration Effluent Treatment
Capacity 43 m3/hr
Discharge Head 35 meters
Viscosity 1.1 cP
Model Supplied CVS 30/140 x 4
Material Stainless Steel
Speciality For the Ministry of Defence

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