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Brammer (Acid)

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Company Brammer Ltd


Industry AeroSpace
Application Acid based solution
Application 98% Sulphuric Acid
Capacity 4 m3/hr
Discharge Head 44 meters
Viscosity 10 cP
Model Supplied PPM27/2
Material PVDF

Case Study Brammer for GKN Aerospace

Brammer is a Pan-European leading distributor of industrial maintenance and repair products and services. Brammer act as a single source supplier for the all the product ranges that they stock.

Brammer were working in partnership with GKN aerospace services and submitted their enquiry to Crest for a tailor built pump capable of handling high concentration sulphuric acid, with a discharge pressure of 44 metres

Crest supplied its specialist PPM range, which has proven to be exceptionally efficient in handling high head applications, thus reducing costs and improving an ecological profile.  The pump was constructed out of PVDF, for complete chemical resistance and piece of mind reliability when pumping such a corrosive liquid.


PPM Pump for Brammer - GKN Aerospace

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