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British Nuclear Group – Case Study

British Nuclear Group solved their process dilemma by choosing Crest Pumps to build their custom vertical pump.

British Nuclear Group was part of the British Nuclear Fuels Limited Company, owned and operated by the UK Government. The company manufactured and transported nuclear fuels, ran reactors and generated electricity sold to the National Grid.

As BNG were responsible for managing spent nuclear fuel rods and decommissioning nuclear operations at Sellafield in Cumbria. After a range of sell-offs and take-overs, parts of the Sellafield site has been moved and put under different ownership. As a result BNG needed to replace a range of vertical pumps that were specifically designed pump condensed cold water into the spent rod water pool process. This being the process used for decommissioning old nuclear fuel rods in order to keep nuclear radiation to a bare minimum.

Crest Pump Group supplied 2 specialised CSS35 vertical pumps with extended column lengths, integral stiffening bars and enhanced Polypropylene parts to ensure maximum durability in a hazardous environment. The original supplier of their pumps had gone out of business and BNG needed a pump that could be fully tailored to their plant specifications.

The CSS Vertical Pumps is features a cantilever shaft design which requires minimal maintenance and is suitable for heavy duty processing. As the design features no bearings, the pump can run-dry indefinitely without damage.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps Group, British Nuclear Group were able to overcome their process dilemma with minimum disruption to their operations and with future peace of mind in a high risk setting.

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Company British Nuclear Group
Industry Nuclear Industry
Application Condensed Cold Water
Capacity 30m3/hr
Discharge Head 20 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied CSS 33-200 Special
Material All Polypropylene components
Speciality  Nuclear Industry


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