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Project Description

“Crest Pumps were recommended to Bairds Malt for faultless service”

As part of the distillation process, Bairds Malt required a duty of 150m3/hr flow rate and a head of 32.5 meters. Crest Pumps were recommended to Baird Malts by another well known brewery due to our “faultless service”.

Crest Pumps delivered the CHC 125-100-200 ahead of schedule. We continue to help other distilleries across the country with their distillation process.


Chemical – Chemical applications include chemical transfer, dosing, re-circulation, filtration, fume scrubbing and tanker off-loading.
Petrochemical – Previous petrochemical installations include high temperature, high pressure, highly viscous applications as well as chemical injection, re-circulation, off-loading and solid handling.
Water Treatment – Providing reliable process pumps to the UK’s largest wastewater treatment providers, for chemical transfer, desalination, reverse osmosis, water treatment and tanker unloading.
Pharmaceutical – Pharmaceutical companies have relied on Crest Pumps to provide pumps for ATEX requirements, chemical injection, CIP pumping, solid handling, high viscous medias and highly toxic applications.
Biofuels – Fully ATEX certified process pumps for transfer of liquids in explosive atmospheres, solids handling, tanker unloading, recirculation and transfer.
Energy Generation – Pumps supplied for various energy generation applications, including wind turbine, solar, and Vanadium redox flow batteries.
Marine – Centrifugal pumps supplied for various below deck applications including ballast water treatment, electrolysis, desalination and sea water cooling systems.

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