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Project Description

“ConocoPhillips reduced running costs thanks to the lower energy consumption and higher efficiency design.”

As part of a process refurbishment on the oil rig ‘Judy’ in the J-Area infrastructure on the Britannia oil field in the North Sea; ConocoPhillips required a custom-built pump to fit within the confines of the limited space and the existing pipework. These pumps would need to pump sea water with chlorine to flush out different parts of the system throughout the operations.

ConocoPhillips submitted their enquiry to Crest Pumps Group for a process pump that would be built to the exacting rig requirements, including a seal flush plan, long coupled and with a bronze coupling guard. Crest Pumps Group supplied the PPM32/2 mechanical seal pump in thermoplastic polypropylene manufactured from solid in our UK manufacturing plant.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps Group for their flushing process, ConocoPhillips has been able to drastically reduce operational costs thanks to the energy efficiency of the Crest Range.


Chemical – Chemical applications include chemical transfer, dosing, re-circulation, filtration, fume scrubbing and tanker off-loading.
Petrochemical – Previous petrochemical installations include high temperature, high pressure, highly viscous applications as well as chemical injection, re-circulation, off-loading and solid handling.
Water Treatment – Providing reliable process pumps to the UK’s largest wastewater treatment providers, for chemical transfer, desalination, reverse osmosis, water treatment and tanker unloading.
Pharmaceutical – Pharmaceutical companies have relied on Crest Pumps to provide pumps for ATEX requirements, chemical injection, CIP pumping, solid handling, high viscous medias and highly toxic applications.
Biofuels – Fully ATEX certified process pumps for transfer of liquids in explosive atmospheres, solids handling, tanker unloading, recirculation and transfer.
Energy Generation – Pumps supplied for various energy generation applications, including wind turbine, solar, and Vanadium redox flow batteries.
Marine – Centrifugal pumps supplied for various below deck applications including ballast water treatment, electrolysis, desalination and sea water cooling systems.

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