Encocam – ECC Pump Range

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Project Description

Exceeding Expectations! Crest’s ECC 65-50-160 pump assists Encocam with “really good performance” on a simple but critical task!

Established in 1988, Encocam is an engineering and manufacturing company with a passion for developing practical, well designed engineering solutions. In 30 years, they have grown from 3 to over 200 employees, and work in a huge variety of brands and industries, from automotive to precision engineering. Across all their work, Encocam are committed to providing quality and sustainability through their staff by creating an environment which is inspiring people, enterprise and innovation to flourish.

At their site in Huntingdon, Crest’s ECC 65-50-160 pumps water which is used to heat up a tank of acid. The same tank of water is then sent through a heat exchanger to cool the process tank. The initial design specification, continues service and maintenance means the pump has run for over 2 years without issue and Benjamin at Encocam has “complete faith” in Crest Pumps for reliability, longevity and good old fashioned customer service.

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