Torishima – AM / AMX Pump Range

Torishima – AM / AMX Pump Range 2020-07-30T11:05:33+01:00

Project Description

Crest Pumps supplied 24 Self-Priming Mag Drive Pumps to 11 fresh water treatment plants across Hong Kong.

The Torishima Group has always committed itself to win and maintain the customer’s trust. Trust is something that is built up over time and if lost, it takes years to restore. In some instances, it may be belong recovery altogether, thereby serving a fatal blow to a company’s survival. With this ethic in mind, Torishima trusted Crest Pumps to supply 24 pumps to 11 different fresh water treatment sites in Hong Kong for new Sodium Hypochlorite Dosing systems. They were looking for a pump manufacturer they could rely on to not only supply pumps that would last, but assist them with the pipework design for some complicated self priming requirements.

Crest worked with Torishima to overcome these issues and the AMX range was selected along with Crest manufacturing bespoke priming chambers to resolve the existing self-priming issues. After 2 years of operation, we are happy to report the pumps are meeting expectations – Torishima has experienced no issues and their customer’s trust is maintained.

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