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Hilti (Chemical)

Company Hilti Mexico
Industry Chemical
Application Caustic Based Solution
Capacity 600 l/m
Discharge Head 20 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied AMX – 553 & Spares
Material ETFE – Polypropylene – Ceramic
Speciality Would need to be exported to new production plant in Mexico.


Hilti Group is a global company that develops, manufactures and maintains industrial process products and services to manufacturing partners.

Hilti Group came to Crest Pumps with an immediate problem, they needed a magnetic drive pump that would be able to run dry whilst handling corrosive materials, as well as a large range of spares for existing pumps in the rare ETFE material. These needed to be delivered to a production plant in Mexico, within 2 weeks from the enquiry date.

Crest were able to get the ship the AMX with the spares kit to the Hilti Mexico plant for the 2 week delivery date, including the rare ETFE material products.

We continue to support Hilti with spares orders and repair information.

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