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Johnson Matthey Case Study

Johnson Matthey chose Crest Pumps Group as the main supplier of Chemical process pumps for our reliability and No Obsolete Parts Policy.

Johnson Matthey one of the UK’s largest supplier of chemicals and sustainable technologies and is a constituent on the FTSE 100.

The company was extending part of their refining operating facility in Royston for precious metals including gold, silver and platinum. Johnson Matthey needed corrosion resistant pumps for the transfer of  various corrosive chemicals including hydrochloric acid and caustic. The pump would also need to be tailored to fit specific plant design requirements.

Crest Pumps Group supplied the ECC mechanical seal process pump range for unrivalled corrosion resistance. Built in our UK manufacturing plant, the ECC was constructed with a customer specified cartridge seal. The pump features an oversized shaft sleeve to minimize shaft deflection, increasing the mean time between maintenance and servicing and thus improving operating costs.

As a part of the company’s sustainability programme, the company required the pumps have a reduced energy consumption, along with a minimum of 60% process efficiency.

The ECC pumps were supplied with 4kW motors, lower than the pumps we originally supplied in 1990 to another part of the refining process. These 4kW motors, combined with a 60% operational efficiency represented a saving of 32% operational costs per year.  Crest Pumps supplied a solution which improved both cost efficiency and ecological integrity.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps, Johnson Matthey chose a reliable partner to provide durable and reliable pumping with minimal maintenance. Johnson Matthey utilized our ‘No obsolete Parts’ policy but ordering the same models with upgraded efficiency and energy consumption specifications.

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Johnson Matthey Case Study - 12+ years trouble free installation

Johnson Matthey Case Study - 32% saved on operating costs

Johnson Matthey Case Study total corrosian resistance

Johnson Matthey Case Study - free obsolete parts policy

Johnson Matthey Case Study - minimal maintenance

Johnson Matthey Case Study - custom design spec

Company Johnson Matthey
Industry Chemical
Application Alumina Slurry
Capacity 24m3/hr
Discharge Head 36 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied 10 x ECC
Material Polypropylene
Specialty Had to be energy efficiency to meet corporate policy.


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