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Marine Harvest Case Study

Marine Harvest is a Norwegian seafood company with fisheries around the world. The company’s UK operations are based in Scotland and owns around 30% of the global salmon and trout market – making in the largest of its kind in the world.

Marine Harvest needed a set of 5 pumps to process sea water from the coast to the main storage tanks where all the salmon and trout were kept.  Another 3 pumps would be needed to process the effluent water from these storage tanks to a cleaning facility, plus another 3 pumps to process sea water to the spraying facility and other circulation processes.

These pumps needed to process 250m3/hr and have complete resistance to the corrosive properties of sea water.

Crest Pumps Group supplied the ECC 150-125-200 constructed from polypropylene parts with PTFE/Silicon carbide seals for outstanding corrosion resistance to sea water.

A key feature of this order was that the pumps needed to be delivered within 4 weeks of the order due to the construction completion date. Crest Pumps built the ECC from solid at our UK manufacturing plant in Hampshire and was able to deliver the pumps within the requested time frame.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps Group, Marine Harvest chose a partner that provided reliable and efficient pumps built to order in the UK.  These were provided at an economical price making them good news for costings, as well as making the overall process more eco-friendly.

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Marine Harvest Case Study - guarantee no obsolete parts policy

Marine Harvest Case Study - minimal pump maintenance

Marine Harvest Case Study free no obsolete parts policy

Company Marine Harvest
Industry Marine
Application Sea Water
Capacity 4000l/m
Discharge Head 60 meters
Viscosity 1.1 cP
Model Supplied ECC 150-125-200 x11
Material Polypropylene
Speciality Quick delivery

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