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Monier (Chemical)

Monier Redlands Group Case Study

Company Monier Group
Industry Chemical
Application Caustic Based Solution
Capacity 600 l/m
Discharge Head 20 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied 7 x VSL Vertical Pumps
Material Polypropylene
Speciality Large Order

Monier Redlands Group – Case Study

Monier were restructuring their production process for building roof tiles and were replacing old pumps that were beginning to operate inefficiently.

Our technical engineers advised Monier on the most suitable chemical pumps for the chemical based solution that would clean all tiles after production. Crest supplied, over a period of time, 7 VSL  pumps capable of running dry with an extended column length of 200mm.

These pumps were custom built in our UK manufacturing plant to be mounted externally, allowing for a simple design of the pump and pipework layout.

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