Plastic Pumps and their use in Industry

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Plastic Pumps Use in Industry – Thermoset plastics have been used in making pumps and pipelines for well over 50 years.

Traditionally when faced with selecting pumps for handling corrosive liquids engineers were faced with using pumps made from high nickel content alloys such as Hastelloy or using pumps lined with ceramic or glass.

The advantages of using plastic over these are many fold:

  • Less expensive to manufacture so cheaper end prices for the customer
  • Faster lead times
  • Better corrosion resistance so giving a longer life
  • Lighter in weight so being more maneuverable

Plastics have come a long way in 50 years and are now readily available in bar from up to 500mm in diameter for polypropylene, PVC, PVDF and polyethylene. PTFE can be made in billet form and can be glass or carbon filled for better stability.

Crest Pumps has been manufacturing both horizontal and vertical pumps from engineered plastics since the early 1970’s and are very experienced in specifying and supplying centrifugal pumps for aggressive and corrosive applications in the chemical, effluent and water treatment, plating and anodising and associated industries.

Typical applications would include:

  • Chemical transfer
  • Tanker offloading
  • Sump emptying and control
  • Fume scrubber re-circulation
  • Plating tank re-circulation

The list is almost endless but for any application involving pumping corrosive liquids please complete the form below for a quotation.