Crest Pumping Services has many years of experience in Plastic Magnetic Drive Pumps (Mag drive pumps) and is the first choice for the most robust and efficient pump for your chemical application.

Our plastic mag drive chemical pumps are available in a range of different chemically resistant materials, ensuring our pumps are built to withstand tough conditions which include highly corrosive applications, high temperatures and high pressures.

Our ranges are available in various materials, including Polypropylene, PFA, PVDF, ETFE, Carbon, Ceramic, Silicon Carbide, Viton and EPDM to suit all corrosive chemical pumping applications.

Our Magnetic Drive Pumps are seal-less meaning there is no risk to leakage, which in a toxic chemical environment is an absolute necessity; avoiding damage to the local environment and stopping needless expensive clean-up bills should there be any issues in the production line.

Run Dry
The full carbon/ceramic Magnetic Drive pump range are specifically engineered with Run-Dry protection built in, benefit being the pump will be able to run for up to 8 hours without damage.

Quick Lead Times
Crest Pumps was built on the founding principle of quick lead times and we achieve this by carrying a large amount of stock across all ranges, meaning we can get products shipped out for next-day delivery.

Quality Assured
All of our mag drive pumps have been designed for years of trouble-free operation; these pumps have been built to be the most cost-efficient chemical pump, with minimal maintenance, high efficiency (up to 85%) and near 0% failure rate.