With over 40 years of experience, Crest Pumps have perfected the Plastic Mechanically Sealed Pump. Our technical and engineering knowledge has refined the mechanical seal range to be the most flexible, efficient and reliable pumps on the market.

Crest Pumps - manufactured in the UK

Our mechanically sealed range have been designed to be fully flexible to ensure that the chemical pump will always fit perfectly within a new or existing system. Because the pumps are built in our British, specialist in-house manufacturing plant, we can build any pump to your exact requirements.

Part of our flexibility is including a range of different materials such as Polypropylene, PVC, PTFE, PVDF and 316 stainless steel for the pump to be customised in. (if required).

Crest Pumps began building our mechanical range from solid in 1973 and have continued to improve and enhance the specifications of the pump range to make the pumps even more efficient and reliable.

We have a great sense of pride when we receive an enquiry for spares in a Crest pump that was originally built over 25 years ago.

No obsolete Part Policy
Crest Pumps offer a one of a kind policy where all parts and pumps are still available for older chemical pumps that are no longer in the current range. For example, if your business had installed a Crest chemical pump 30 years ago, we can still provide spares and an exact replacement with a quick lead time and in some cases, next day delivery.

All Crest Pumps are suitable for applications across the globe. Please contact us with your location and motor requirements. We can then supply performance curves relative to your required speed and voltage.

Would you like more information about our range or help in finding the right pump for your application? Give us a call on 01425 627700 or complete the contact form here