Our range of Vertical Plastic Pumps are second to none; they are designed to be fully maintenance free with our “fit and forget” philosophy. The vertical range are proven to stand the test of time offering solid performance throughout the pump’s lifetime. This has the benefit of minimising both operational costs and maintenance costs.

The whole range of Vertical Pumps are resistant to corrosive, harsh and caustic liquids making them suitable for all types of applications including sump pumps.

The VSL and CSS vertical pumps are a cantilever pump design allowing the pump to run-dry without damage, meaning if there was a problem with the production line, the pumps would not fail as a result.

The PPS plastic vertical sump pump range are available with column lengths of up to 4.5m making them suitable for even the deepest of sump pump applications.

Because our Vertical Pumps range are built from solid in-house, these pumps are 100% built to your business specifications; with flexibility to column length, material construction and suction extension.

If you need any further specific design requirements, ring our dedicated engineering team and they will be able to go through your exact specifications and build the Vertical pump from solid in our in-house manufacturing plant. We are the flexible manufacturer!