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Greater performance

Greater output for less cost

Less energy usage

Save money on the lifetime cost of your pump

99.96% reliability

Trust your pump to work like it should – all day, every day.



EOV Corrosion resistant pump range – Efficiency Optimised volute



 Capacity <330m³/hr  Head <88 metres
 Designed to ISO2858  Higher Efficiency Performance
 Corrosion Resistant Pump  Flexible Design to your Spec



We believe that every pump should be reliable and efficient. Because if your pump doesn’t perform well, your plant won’t either.

EOV Range Datasheet

92.3% of engineers say they would recommend Crest Pumps to others.


EOV Chemical resistant pumps are the intelligent choice for engineers.

EOV Corrosion Resistant Pumps


The new corrosion resistant EOV centrifugal pump range gives you up to 15% increase in performance whilst consuming up to 20% less power compares to the previous industry trusted ECC range. This huge improvement in efficiency means you will reduce your energy consumption costs and reduce your risk of unplanned downtime.

The EOV features an improved vane design that improve efficiencies by up to 35% so that not only flow rates and discharge pressures improved on each model.

Designed using numerical software and prove by extensive testing, the volute casing incorporates of number, depth and shape of vane for maximum efficiency. All components are machined from solid for added strength and consistency.

The open impeller design allows for some passage of solids, the improved hydraulic design ensures excellent performance in low NPSH applications as well as minimal mechanical vibrations ensuring a longer life between service intervals.


UK Manufactured

Every EOV pump is designed and manufactured by Crest in the UK which means we have the facility to tailor pumps to your exact requirements, whether this be a specific cartridge seal configuration or the pump built to match your specific dimension requirements. We can supply a pump that is exactly right for you.

Less energy usage
Greater performance

We’re trusted by customers, big and small…

The Crest Pumps commitment

At Crest, when we put our name on a pump, we’re making a serious commitment. It’s more than a promise or a guarantee. It’s a commitment to give you great quality life-long service for corrosion resistant pumps that will last, even in the most corrosive of environments.


What does that commitment mean?

●  Full lifetime support:
No matter how old your pump becomes, in the unlikely scenario that you have a problem, our engineers will be on hand to diagnose the issue and help you get up and running again.

● No obsolete parts:
Obsolete parts can render a pump useless, or at the very least, cause costly downtime. That’s why we promise to maintain the supply of every part, for every pump we’ve ever manufactured. Bought one of our pumps 50 years ago? No problem. We can still replace any part, often delivering it the very next day.

That’s why, with the “Crest Pumps Commitment,” you’ll never need to worry about unplanned downtime again.

Getting the right pump is easy

Talk to us

You shouldn’t need to figure it out yourself. We’ll evaluate your application to recommend the most efficient and reliable pump solution.

Get fast delivery

Because all our pumps are British-made, we keep lead times short and service quality high. So your energy-efficient pump will be delivered on time when you need it.

Enjoy peace of mind

No matter how complex your pumping application is, we’ll help you maximise efficiency and your reliability.

Don’t just take our word for it…

“I’ve worked in the pump industry for over 25 years and it is no surprise that Crest Pump’s name is synonymous with not just an excellent product but with customer service also.

Their prompt and knowledgeable attention to enquires coupled with great product availability ensure my clients receive the right pump at the right time.”

Mark Morris

Pump Action

“The delivery time for the parts was quicker than the time quoted so the customer could repair his pump and get it working again far quicker than anticipated.”
Julian Mountney

Seal and Pump Engineering

Crest actually listen to our requirements, discuss if uncertain, which ensures the correct product is supplied to the end-user. Keep up the good work.”
Frank Shaw

Pump Systems Ltd

“Crest Pumps is a delight to work with. They offer fantastic expert advice and always exceed expectations with their quote turnaround times. There is no company better as a supplier of chemical and aggressive solution pumps.”
Industrial manager

Anchor Pumps

How much is your existing pump costing you?

Our BPMA approved life cycle cost calculator will help you work out how much energy you could save. Find out now.


Which chemicals are your pumps suitable for?

We have specialised in corrosion resistant pumps since 1973 so can almost certainly find you a solution to your application. Our chemical resistance table shows just some of the liquids we have experience pumping, but please talk to us (link to contact page) to find the best chemical pumping solution for you

What do you mean by 99% reliability?
We’ve manufactured pumps for nearly 50 years and have always prided ourselves on our quality and reliability. In the years we have been ISO9001 certified, at the last count we have supplied 4300 pumps and 41 of them had an issue (that’s 0.95%) due to us making an error. Therefore 99.05% of all our pumps supplied have been successfully and reliably pumping corrosive liquids for many years.
What does the ‘Crest Pumps Commitment’ and ‘lifetime support’ really mean?
When we put our name on a pump, we’re making a serious commitment to give you great quality life-long service for pumps that will last. No matter how old your pump becomes, in the unlikely scenario that you have a problem, our engineers will be on hand to diagnose the issue and help you get up and running again. We promise to give you this support from day 1 to year 25 and beyond
Do you offer an on-site visit?

Yes, absolutely! Sometimes the best way to really understand an application and find the best, most reliable solution for you is via a site visit which can be carried out free of charge at any time. Simply talk to us and we can get something booked in.

And because we are certified pump system auditors, you can be assured we will find you the best long term solution for reliability and cost effectiveness.

How much are my pumps really costing me?

Possibly a lot more than you realised! The purchase price is just the beginning of a pump’s life cycle cost as half of the energy consumed in the average plant is consumed by pumps. To read more about how you could save money on your pumps, click here or to carry out your own calculations click here

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