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Chinook Sciences – AMX & ECC/B Ranges

Chinook Sciences ensured safety and reliability of their new metal recycling plant with the AMX and ECC/B range from Crest Pumps Group.

“10 out of 10 – excellent”

Chinook Sciences has created the world’s most efficient energy-from-waste technology, enabling major recyclers and waste handlers to recover valuable metals and create energy from waste previously considered unrecyclable.

Their unique gasification system harnesses thermal power to reclaim metals and generate low carbon energy.

Rodecs converts 99% of hydrocarbons in the waste into renewable energy (in the form of synthetic gas or ‘syngas’), recovering up to 1.24MW per tonne of waste processed.

The system powers itself using gas and heat emitted during the process, with surplus energy used to generate electricity or sold to the National Grid. Crest Pumps has provided a number of magnetic drive and mechanically sealed plastic pumps as part of the scrubbing systems to remove all particulates and pollutants from the syngas. The pumps were constructed from polypropylene and suitable for pumping acids up to 5 bar pressure.

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