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Q & A – How much does a chemical pump cost?

Q –     How much does a centrifugal chemical resistant pump cost?


A-      Unfortunately, the answer is as clear as how long a piece of string is. There are many varying factors including (but not limited to) the size of pump required for the flowrate and discharge pressure required. But most importantly when considering a chemical resistant pump, is its material compatibility against the corrosive liquid being pumped. If your budget does not take into account how long your pump will last in its corrosive environment, then another famous old saying comes into play, ‘buy cheap, buy twice’. If the pump is not constructed from suitable materials that will not react to the liquid, then failure will be quick and greater costs will be incurred from the subsequent health and safety clean up.

At Crest Pumps we have nearly 50 years experience to recommend the best pump for your corrosive requirements, so please get in touch and we will be delighted to help you. Further information on chemical compatibility can also be found here

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