Q & A – What is the best option for pumping solids?

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Q – What is the best option for pumping solids?


A – Whilst pumping solids can create greater complications with pump reliability and longevity, fortunately there are many options available to you and so if specified correctly, the correct installation should work reliably and effectively for many years.

It depends upon the size, concentration and abrasiveness of the solids as to which pump option is best. For abrasive slurries, then a rubber lined slurry pump would likely be your best option. For wastewater with solids, then a centrifugal pump with vortex impeller and double seal arrangement could be the best option.

If you can provide the pump manufacturer with the data on solids size, concentration and abrasiveness, then they should be able to recommend the best solution that you can rely on for the long term.

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