AMA – Flow<108 m3/hr. Head<80m

Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

AMA – Flow<108 m3/hr. Head<80m


Capacity 108m³/hr
Head <60 Metres
Patented Run Dry Design
Over 70% Operating Efficiency
Corrosion Resistance
ETFE Lined



AMA Pump Range Datasheet
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2 Year Warranty
ATEX Zone 1 / 2 Certified
ISO 2858, 5199, 2084, 3661
Low Pump Life Cycle Costs
Patented Buffer System
Corrosion Resistance
ETFE Lined Construction

Product Description

AMA Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetically driven pumps, such as the AMA plastic magnetic drive pump, are the industry standard when processing harsh and highly corrosive applications. The centrifugal force is driven by two rotating magnets rather than being directly coupled to a motor, which eliminates the need for a mechanical seal, making magnetic drive pumps completely leak proof.

The AMA range of magnetic drive pumps are designed to ISO2858 and ISO5199 standards.

Even as a plastic pump, the AMA range can deal with high pressures and highly corrosive applications effectively, efficiently and reliably. The AMA magnetic drive range is one of the most efficient pumps in the field, with average operating efficiencies over 70% reducing energy consumption and the pump life-cycle cost.

Reduced Life Cycle Cost

The patented run dry technology built into the AMA helps protect your pumps from a failure in the process. Most mechanically sealed pumps will fail when run dry, causing dangerous leakages and costly clean up bills as a result. However with the AMA, the pump can run dry for a number of hours alleviating process problems and avoiding damage to the pump.

The second patented design feature of the AMA range will increase the mean time between servicing, reducing overall maintenance costs of your process. Should the AMA pump be subjected to adverse operating conditions, vibration would normally reduce the life of the internal parts.

However, with the dynamic buffer system acting as a shock absorber between the impeller and the casing, the pump is protected as a result, thus minimising wear and prolonging the pumps service life.

High Efficiency Design

The geometry of the impeller and casing are generated through hydraulic design programmes.

Whilst taking into account the fluid dynamics, hydraulic loss is minimised and pump efficiency maximised. Lower electricity costs also come from the use of high efficiency IE3 motors.

All Crest Pumps are suitable for applications across the globe. Please contact us with your location and motor requirements. We can then supply performance curves relative to your required speed and voltage.

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Technical Specification

Model Suction (mm) Discharge (mm) Speed (rpm) Rated Capacity (m³/hr) Rated Head (m) Max Capacity (m³/hr) Max Head (m) Motor Output (kW) Best EFF (%)
AMA CT 50 32 2900 17 45 45 54 5.5 70
AMA EP 65 50 2900 36 33 60 37 7.5 74
AMA DT 65 40 2900 36 45 54 57 11 75
AMA FP 80 65 2900 72 32 108 38 15 77


Pump curves for the magnetic drive AMA-CT, AMA-DT, AMA-EP and AMA-FP.


For specific 3D CAD drawings or specific pump dimensions, please contact us at or telephone +44 (0)1425 627700.

  1. The total length and weight of the pump will differ depending on the brand of the motor.
  2. All dimensions are in mm.
  3. Assembly tolerances are +/- 3mm.


Model A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
AMA CT 4 4 224 180 160 120 280 180 270 320 360 130 540 800 80
AMA EP 4 4 224 160 132 120 252 135 270 320 360 130 540 800 80
AMA DT 4 4 263 180 160 140 300 150 300 350 390 150 600 900 100
AMA FP 4 4 263 180 160 140 300 150 300 350 390 150 600 900 100

Patented Run Dry Design

Unfortunately, errors can occur in a process that cause a pump to run dry. For a mechanically sealed pump this can cause an almost immediate failure to the seal. Some mag drive pumps are now available with special material bearings to prevent the onset of damage from running dry, but Crest Assoma Mag Drive pumps go another step further with the patented circulation path for additional cooling.

Under normal operating conditions, the pumped liquid acts as lubrication between the rotating and stationary parts, and the heat generated by the rotational action is gently taken away by the circulating liquid. But when a pump is starved of liquid, these moving parts generate heat from friction and as the heat builds up, damage will occur.

However, with the Crest Assoma Mag Drive range, a patented auxiliary circulation channel runs between the bearing and the magnet capsule. The pressure difference has a convection effect for cooling both the interior and exterior of the bearing thereby preventing the high temperature build up caused from dry running. The key point of this feature though, is that whilst the design allows for increased cooling, there is
no reduction in pump efficiency.

Exploded View

  1. Reinforced armour – The ductile iron casing armour is lined with carbon fibre reinforced ETFE for nearly universal corrosion resistance and structural strength.
  2. Dynamic Buffer – The innovative dynamic buffer system is specially designed to absorb vibrations caused by adverse operation conditions.
  3. Stationary shaft – The stationary shaft provides rotational parts with rigid and stable operational conditions. Available in SSiC or ceramic gives the pump superior corrosion resistance.
  4. Finely tuned geometry – The geometry of the impeller and casing are fine tuned by a design programme to reduce hydraulic loss and increase efficiency.
  5. Revolutionary Run Dry design – The patented bearing design with dual-channel circulation contributes to rapid head dissipation and preventing damage when run dry.
  6. Strength & resistance – The moulded carbon fibre reinforced ETFE casing offers a combination of strength and chemical resistance.
  1. Heavy duty – An extra heavy duty backplate made of ductile iron precisely aligns and supports the rear casing with the front casing. This is separate from the bracket allowing pull out servicing with out opening the liquid end of the pump.
  2. Magnetic field analysis – The latest magnetic field analysis programme is used to calculate magnetic torque. This maximises magnet utilisation and ensures a sufficient torque coupling to prevent de-coupling.
  3. Long service life – An integrated one piece impeller enhances locking power with the shaft giving a longer service life. All impellers are designed with pump efficiency as top priority.
  4. Stable operation – The high strength bearing support structure is used to support the bearing bushing for stable operation. The high purity SiC axial and radial thrust bearing are designed with high torsional security to provide superior abrasion and corrosion resistance.

Parts List & Material Construction

Material Code Part ACE ACV SSE SSV Quantity
101 Pump Casing ETFE + CF 1
155.01 Casing Armour FCD 1
155.02 Inlet Armour FCD 1
155.03 Outlet Armour FCD 1
161.01 Rear Casing with Cover ETFE + CF, Carbon FRP 1
161.02 Backup Plate FCD 1
181 Bracket FC 1
183 Bracket Foot SUS304 1
211 Shaft 995 Ceramic SSiC 1
220 Front Support, Shaft ETFE + CF 1
230 Impeller Impeller ETFE + CF 1
Front Wear Ring Carbon SSiC
310 Bearing Carbon SSiC 1
319 Thrust Ring & Buffer Front Buffer ETFE 1
Front Thrust Ring 995 Ceramic SSiC
847 Magnet Capsule ETFE, Nd-Fe-B 1
912 Drain Plug ETFE + CF 1
B11 Base Plate SUS304 1
EM Motor Aluminium Alloy / FC 1
MO1 Drive Magnet Nd-Fe-B 1
Rear Thrust Ring Rear Thrust Ring 995 Ceramic SSiC 1