AM – Flow<150 l/m. Head<11m

Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

AM – Flow<150 l/m. Head<11m


Capacity <150 L/MIN
Head <11 Metres
Minimal Maintenance
Polypropylene / ETFE Build
Total Corrosion Resistance
Ex-stock Availability
Over 70% Operating Efficiency


AM Pump Range Datasheet
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Ex-stock Available
2 Year Warranty
ATEX Zone 1 / 2 Certified
Next Day Delivery
70% Efficiency
Corrosion Resistance
Flexible to design spec

Product Description

AM Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetically driven pumps, such as the AM Plastic Magnetic Drive Pump, are the industry standard when processing harsh and highly corrosive applications. The centrifugal force is driven by two rotating magnets rather than being directly coupled to a motor, which eliminates the need for a mechanical seal, making the magnetic drive close coupled pump completely leak proof.

Your Process Covered

To minimise any disruption to your process, both the polypropylene and ETFE constructed close coupled pump are available ex-stock. With specialised material, including ceramic and silicon carbide, we can guarantee a chemical resistant pump for any of your corrosive applications. For further peace of mind, we offer 2 years warranty as standard with all magnetic drive pumps. We even offer a 5 year extended warranty as an optional extra as an assurance that Crest have got your process covered.

Minimal Maintenance

Downtime is reduced and production increased thanks to the compact design that requires very little maintenance over its lifetime. Servicing and maintenance is handled quickly thanks to the minimal parts used in the design build. All parts and complete pumps are available ex-stock.

High Efficiency Design

The geometry of the impeller and casing are generated through hydraulic design programmes. Whilst taking into account the fluid dynamics, hydraulic loss is minimised and pump efficiency maximised. Our pumps are trusted by global chemical companies across the globe, including GlaxoSmithKline, ConocoPhillips and Smurfit Kappa.

All Crest Pumps are suitable for applications across the globe. Please contact us with your location and motor requirements. We can then supply performance curves relative to your required speed and voltage.

Would you like more information about our range or help in finding the right pump for your application? Give us a call on 01425 627700 or get in touch via our enquiry form

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Technical Specification

Model Suction (mm) Discharge (mm) Speed (rpm) Rated Capacity (m³/hr) Rated Head (m) Max Capacity (m³/hr) Max Head (m) Motor Output (kW) Best EFF (%)
AM 10 0.5 0.5 2900 20 2 30 3 0.12 60
AM 30 1 1 2900 60 5 100 7.5 0.18 65
AM 50 1 1 2900 100 8 150 12 0.25 70


Pump curves for the magnetic drive AM10, AM30 & AM50.


For specific 3D CAD drawings or specific pump dimensions, please contact us at or telephone +44 (0)1425 627700.

  1. The total length and weight of the pump will differ depending on the brand of the motor.
  2. All dimensions are in mm.
  3. Assembly tolerances are +/- 3mm.

Model shown is standard spec. For model drawings, please contact us at or telephone +44 (0)1425 627700.


Model A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O
AM10 30 100 121 130 67 63 136 100 293
AM30 F 43 110 130 7 10 3.5 162 94 51.5 54 92 72 122 40 338
AM30 T 43 110 130 7 10 3.5 157 89 51.5 49.5 87 82 122 40 333
AM50 F 47 110 156 6 26 4.5 169 94 54.5 69.5 122 70 132 47 388
AM50 T 47 110 156 6 26 4.5 165 90 54.5 64.5 117 70 132 47 333

Parts List & Material Construction

1. For specific individual sectional drawings and material constructions, please contact us at or telephone +44 (0)1425 627700.
2. Flange, threaded and union connection designs differ slightly. Please contact us for more detail.
3. Special materials for O-rings are available for critical applications. Talk through your process with one of our engineers and they will help provide you with the most suitable construction for your application.

Material Code Part CE CV RE RV SE SV Quantity
B11 Base SUS304 1
B21 Bracket FC 1
EM Motor Aluminium Alloy 1
F11 Pump Casing PP+GF / PVDF 1
L02 Impeller PP+GF / PVDF 1
M01 Outer Magnet Ba-FERRITE 1
R11 Rear Casing PP+GF / PVDF 1
S11 Shaft 995 Ceramic 1
S21 Slide bearing CARBON PTFE with filler SSiC 1
S31 Front thrust ring 995 CERAMIC 1
S34 Rear thrust ring 995 CERAMIC 1

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