Plastic Diaphragm Pumps – Series P

Plastic Diaphragm Pumps – Series P


  • Designed for resistance to corrosive media and environments – with rugged non metallic construction and components
  • Ideal for abrasive, viscous and shear sensitive media and for products with entrained solids
  • Air operated plus electrically conductive plastic housing means suitability for explosive or hazardous areas
  • Tolerance of dry running and harsh usage
  • Minimal maintenance with no lubrication required
  • Positive displacement pumping action minimises product shear
  • Completely enclosed unit with no bearings or rotary seals in the product stream
  • Easy control of flow rate by regulating air supply
  • No need for electric motor, special drives or base plates
  • Easily portable and ready to use by connecting to air supply
  • Can be run against a closed discharge – a vital benefit for use on filling machines
  • Self priming
  • Submersible


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Product Description

Plastic Diaphragm Pumps – Series P

To meet abrasive and corrosion resistant requirements, the Crest Pump’s range of DEPA plastic diaphragm pumps have been developed to utilise non-metallic materials such as polypropylene, PVDF or PTFE to ensure your process operates efficiently and reliably against the toughest applications.

The developments of the Series P plastic diaphragm pumps offer a combination of modern industrial design, combined with the daily requirements of pumps, like temperature, chemical resistance and high mechanical strength. The computer-aided design of the injection molding achieves a consistent high quality with an excellent surface finish for low flow resistance and good abrasion resistance. The result of the design offers a strong and compact diaphragm pump.

DEPA plastic diaphragm pumps have been developed to transfer a wide span of corrosive liquids, slurries, pastes and sludges for which pumps of metal construction fail to offer the necessary chemical resistance. With the pump housings are machined from solid Polypropylene or PTFE.

The elaborate manufacturing process involved ensures the highest possible stability of form and thus the pumping pressure capability is maintained in line with standard DEPA cast metal pump versions.

In addition, the solid PP and PTFE form also provides complete external resistance to corrosive environments.


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