Priming Chambers

Priming Chambers


Polypropylene / PVC / PVDF / 316 Stainless Steel
In-line suction & discharge for easy installation
Anti-syphon breaker ensures the chamber is constantly primed
Priming Chamber Datasheet


Product Description

Priming Chambers

All end-suction Crest Pumps may be fitted with priming chambers making them capable of suction lifts of up to 4.5 meters. This offers a simple and reliable method of converting conventional end suction pumps for self-priming applications. The unique internal design means the chamber inlet is located inline with the pump inlet allowing the user to reduce their pipework costs and reduce any structural load on the chamber. The chambers are machined and fabricated from the same material as the pump body so are corrosion resistant as well as being of rugged and robust construction.

Simple Operation

  1. The chamber is filled with a suitable liquid.
  2. When the pump starts it empties the chamber and forms a vacuum drawing liquid up into the chamber.
  3. The chamber should then remain primed for it’s next operation.


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