SS24 Sealing System

SS24 Sealing System


Protection for double seal mechanical arrangement
8 Bar G Pressure Rating
Simple to install
Includes all gauges & instrumentation
Automatic cut-out to protect pump and seal
Protection against dry running
SS24 Sealing System Datasheet


Product Description

The SS24 sealing system is ideal, providing a safe and simple method for pressuring double seal.

Many pumping applications demand a double pressurised mechanical seal arrangement due to the crystalline or abrasive nature of the liquid, or for health and safety reasons, which makes the SS24 ideal for the job.

Acting as a self contained system the SS24 also provides protection for the pump against dry running.


  • 10 litre Stainless Steel vessel
  • Borosilicate slight glass
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Quick release airline connector
  • Pressure switch
  • 12mm x 3 metres nylons hose complete with ‘push-in’ connectors
  • Pressure relief valve


The SS24 sealing system has been designed to provide a solution to the problem of pressurised flushing of double mechanical seal at an economic price.

Totally self-contained, the system is delivered complete with sight glass, pressure guage, pressure switch and quick-fit nylon hose and coupling.

Operating on the thermo-syphon principle which does not require any external pumping equipment. The reservoir is pressurised to one to two bar above maximum discharge pressure of the pump.

A pressure switch is wired to the motor start so that, if for any reason, the pressure drops below the required level, the motor will be cut out and an alarm signal sent if needed.

Installation is quick and simple and requires little maintenance.


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