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Thames Water upgraded their chemical process for their Maple Lodge waste water treatment by choosing the highly durable and long lasting PP32 made from solid in our UK manufacturing plant.

The original pump supplied have continued to process efficiently and durably for over 10 years with minimal servicing and maintenance required.

Thames Water is the main utility company responsible for water and wastewater management and treatment for the Greater London area in the UK.

Thames Water were upgrading part of their wastewater facility at Maple Lodge which provides wastewater management for over 500,000 people in the area working 24/7.

Thames water were looking for a partner to supply particularly durable process pumps for a caustic based solution to be transferred to the main chemical addition tanks before the gravity filters. The company had used a previous competitor pump before – but experienced leakages due to the acidic nature of the application. Such leakages caused inefficiencies and stoppages which costs money and increase the risks to staff safety and environmental damage.

Crest Pumps Group supplied the highly durable PP32 mechanical seal pump, built from solid in our UK manufacturing plant. The pumps featured ATEX zone 2 certification for extra safety in a hazardous environment.

The PP32 features a thermoplastic polypropylene build – for the highest chemical resistance – with a mechanical seal to allow some solids to be pumped through the process without damage.

Thames Water has also taken advantage of our ‘No Obsolete Parts Policy’.

Since the original installation we have continued to supply Thames Water with various chemical pumps in different wastewater plants. The original PP32 process pumps have been installed over 10 years and have remained efficient and durable against the hazardous chemicals being processed – with little maintenance and downtime required thus reducing costs and improving the safety of staff and minimising the risk of environmental damage.

By choosing Crest Pumps Group for their process, Thames Water were able to install pumps that were highly durable – whilst ensuring absolute safety in a hazardous environment.

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Company Thames Water
Industry Waste water
Application Chemical Based Solution
Capacity 3m3/hr
Discharge Head 2 Bar
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied PP32 x and Custom VSL15
Material Polypropylene Thermplastic


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