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United Utilities Case Study

United Utilities solved their unreliable process by choosing Crest Pumps Group as their main preferred supplier of process chemical pumps.

United Utilities were having a problem with their aging process system for transferring acids to waste water process for the Newport region of South Wales.

Their previous mechanical seal pump kept leaking due to a corroded part inside the pump due to the hazardous media being processed making it inefficient, costly and ecologically unsound.

In co-operation with Tradebe, United Utilities upgraded all transfer systems, including pumps and pipework. Due to our long history and reliable service provided to Tradebe, they recommended us to United Utilities for our ultimate corrosion resistance mechanical seal process pumps.

Crest Pumps Group supplied the ECC/B range of chemical process pumps with fully corrosion resistant materials to stop a repeat of United Utilities previous system problems thus avoiding further unnecessary clean up bills, saving money and minimising ecological damage.

The ECC/B is the industry standard, built fully from solid plastics in the UK.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps Group and thanks to the reliability and the durability of the ECC/B, United Utilities have been able to reduce system downtime by 28% which is brilliant news for their operating costs. We continue to supply other parts of the United Utilities process.

United Utilities Case Study 28% totla reduced downtime

United Utilities Case Study - guarantee no obsolete parts policy

United Utilities Case Study - total corrosian resistance

United Utilities Case Study - minimal pump maintenance

United Utilities Case Study - longer than average pump life span

Company United Utilities
Industry Wastewater
Application 50% hydrochloric acid
Capacity 43 m3/hr
Discharge Head 60 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied
Material Polypropylene
Specialty  Specialty build


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