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Vanadis Power chose a pump that was able to provide a high operating efficiency whilst operating 24/7 with a hazardous yet highly valuable media.

As fuel cell renewable energy has tripled market share in the last 5 years, Vanadis Power in Germany are at the forefront of developing vanadium (fuel cell) into a renewable energy source that stores the kinetic energy from solar power.

Engineers at Vanadis were looking for a reliable pump supplier to provide corrosion resistant pumps to be installed into the energy storage process. A vital part to the circulation of the electrolytes which create the kinetic energy.

Vanadis Power needed a set of 16 pumps that were able to pump from both the positive and negative electrolyte terminals into the membrane where the power is generated and stored into the back tank. A delicate process which requires a reliable and efficient pump for 24/7 recirculation.

Crest Pumps Group recommended and supplied the magnetic drive AMX555-GG pumps for the process and duty required as well as for the ultimate corrosion resistance against this specialist application.

The patented Run-Dry protection built into the AMX range ensures a leak-free design which minimises production interruptions or ecological risks whilst also ensuring a safe working environment for staff. Both these matters are particularly important when pumping highly valuable media such as Vanadium.

The AMX-GG pumps were supplied in full propylene components, including the baseplate and outer casing to enhance the corrosion resistant nature of the pump.

As a result of choosing Crest Pumps Group, Vanadis Power have ensured that their highly valuable media is in a safe and efficient process, with no risk to leakages or corrosion. Energy consumption is kept to the absolute minimum thanks to the most economical motor size used – whilst keep efficiency above 70%. Crest pumps enabled Vanadis Power to save costs while improving their ecological impact and keeping staff safe.

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Company Vanadis Power
Industry Chemical
Application Vanadium Solution
Capacity 20m3/hr
Discharge Head 19 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied AMX555 x 16
Material All Polypropylene components
Speciality  Specialised media process

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