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Biffa – SHC Range

SHC Stainless Steel Pumps Used To Scrub Fumes in Biffa’s Energy Generation System – “Anaerobic Digestion”

“Good range of pumps for most applications.  Also, fantastic customer service.”

Biffa has been servicing the waste management needs of the UK since 1912 and their 7,900 employees help Biffa stay a UK leading integrated waste management company. With operations at over 195 sites spanning the length and breadth of the country, Biffa service over 2.3 million households and collect 4.3 million bins per week just within their municipal division.

At the site in Horsham they take food waste which would otherwise sit in a land fill, and use it in a process called “Anaerobic Digestion” This creates methane and other gases which are then used to generate electricity. However, the fumes in the air need to be removed from areas of the plant to ensure a safe working environment for their workforce.

Crest Pumps was selected to supply the pumps which are used in a fume scrubber to recirculate the Ammonium Liquor which neutralises the gases to then be disposed of safely. After 2 years of operation the pumps have shown to be up to the task with little signs of age or wear in this critical process.

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