20th Aug 2014
pp terms

pp terms

Our PP range of Mechanical Seal pumps have been perfected over 40 years. Manufactured in the UK from solid, ensuring the durability and robustness required in the harsh, corrosive applications the PP range was built and designed for.

The PP range comes in Polypropylene, PVC, PTFE, PVDF or 316 stainless steel. All chemical pumps can be fitted with a range of mechanical seals making them suitable for a wide variety of chemical applications.

All mechanical seal pumps can be utilised in applications where solids are present such as various wastewater applications.

Priming Chambers can also be fitted to allow suction lifts of up to 4.5 metres.

Max Capacity Rate: 26m³/hr (433 l/m) Max Discharge Head: 22 meters Manufactured in our UK Plant


  • Capacity to 433 l/m (26m3/hr)
  • Head to 22 meters
  • Machined from Solid
  • Handles Solids Efficiently
  • Manufactured in the UK
  • Corrosion Resistant
  • ISO2858 specifications
  • Choice of durable materials
  • Flexible to design requirements
  • ATEX Certification

Machined from solid

All of our mechanical sealed pumps are machined from solid, ensuring the robustness against harsh chemicals and abrasive liquids.

Choice of durable materials

The PP range is available in a choice of corrosion resistant materials such as Polypropylene, PVDF or PVC and 316 stainless steel depending upon the application. This flexibility in production provides an increased in-between pump, increasing efficiency as well as lowering costs for your business.

Flexibility to design requirements

Crest offer a totally flexible design specification, meaning a pump can be entirely built to your business design requirements, for example, the PP range pump can be built specifically around existing pipework ensuring a ‘straight swap’ with the current model, minimising potential ‘down time’ and additional costs.

18 Month warranty

The whole of our mechanically sealed pump range come with our 18 months warranty, as an assurance that the pump is built to last.

No obsolete part Policy

All of our pumps come with our No obsolete parts policy, meaning if your business has a Crest Pumps for 40 years, we will be able to provide your business with parts and an exact replacement to minimise cost and disruption to your production line.

Short lead times

Crest Pumps was built on the founding principle of quick lead-times and we are able to achieve quick lead times because Crest carries a large amount of stock, meaning most spares can be sent out on next-day delivery.

Mechanical Seals

The PP range is available with a wide range of mechanical seals, depending on the application.

Priming Chambers

Suction lifts of up to 4 meters can be achieved by fitting a suction priming chamber which can be manufactured in the same plastic as the pump for ultimate corrosion resistance.
For specific model curves, drawings or specifications, please contact Crest Pumps Group Directly.

Range Datasheet

PP Range Datasheet  

Performance Curves

PP-17 Performance Curve

PP-22 Performance Curve

PP-25 Performance Curve

PP-27 Performance Curve

PP-32 Performance Curve

General Arrangement Drawing

PP Range GA Drawing

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For specific model curves, drawings or specifications, please contact Crest Pumps Group Directly.

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