17th Jun 2022

INEOS chose a pump which would stand the test of time – lasting over 20 years in operation the PP32 corrosion resistant pump has been processing consistently since 1988 and was replaced with a more efficient pump in 2003 with the same model dimensions but greater efficiency. 


INEOS  is one of the largest chemical and petrochemical conglomerates in the world, manufacturing various different chemical and fuels. 

The original company, Parsons Industrial Plastics Ltd, were creating a specific type of polymer for plastic production.

The pumps were needed to flush the system and tanks to ensure no plastic or solid particles were left behind in the process piping. This flushing technique was critical for the plastic production as it ensure a clean and organic product every time – which was extremely important for a high value application. 

Crest Pumps supplied the PP32/125 for the applications, ensuring total safety and corrosion resistance against the acidic water liquid. 

INEOS took over Parsons Industrial Plastic in 2003 and proceeded to upgrade the plant with the view to improving energy efficiency and the general cost management. The pump originally fitted was continuing to run under out ‘fit and forget’ policy.

Crest were asked to supply a replacement for the updated system by INEOS. We again supplied the PP range, but with a smaller motor, reducing the annual energy consumption and making it more environmental friendly, whilst maintaining the pump specifications. We also improved the materials used for the pump.

Since 2003, the updates PP models have continued to run optimally flushing the plastic production, ensuring that each batch of plastic remains as clean as the next.

By choosing Crest Pumps in 1988, Parsons (INEOS) has utilised a pump that has continued to perform optimally even after 20 years of services. Their process was covered by Crest’s ‘No obsolete parts’ policy which resulted in them being able to maximise operating time, reduce costs and improve their environmental impact. We continue to provide chemical resistant process pumps to INEOS at other parts of their worldwide operations.

Original Order 11/03/88
Application Acidic Water
Capacity 86 m3/hr
Discharge Head 18 meters
Viscosity 1 cP (some Solids)
Model Supplied 10x PP
Material Thermoplastic Polypropylene


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