17th Jun 2022

Coca Cola has relied on Crest Pumps for over 24 years to ensure the treatment process remains efficient and reliable


Coca-Cola is one of the world’s largest brands. The company produces over half of all carbonated soft drinks consumed across the world. As Coca-Cola was expanding its Edmonton Plant, they required 4 types of corrosion resistant, reliable and energy efficient mechanically sealed pumps.

Coca-Cola submitted their enquiry to Crest Pumps with the first pump needing to be built and delivered within a week. The pumps would also need to be specifically built around the company’s specific pipework with a consistent flow rate at 400 litres per minute.

Crest Pumps have a vast wealth of experience in dealing with enquiries that needed to be built quickly and tailored to a client’s current pipework. Crest sent one of our qualified engineers up to the Edmonton plant to better understand Coca-Cola’s situation and how we could help improve and supply a solution to their problem.

Crest supplied 3 PP22 and 1 PP32 pumps which are reliable and efficient at a constant flow rate, which was of utmost importance to Coca Cola. The PP range was tailored to fit exactly into the existing pipework and was made from the corrosion resistant Polypropylene. 

These pumps came with our No Obsolete Parts Policy, meaning that if a business has installed a Crest Pump, we will still be able to provide the business with parts, or an exact replacement even if the pump is over 40 years old. Thus minimising potential ‘down time’ and keeping production maximised.

We continue to have a strong working partnership with Coca Cola. 



Company Coca-Cola
Industry Food/Beverage
Application 50% Caustic
Capacity 400 l/m
Discharge Head 20 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied PP22 x3 & PP32
Material Polypropylene
Speciality The pump would need to consistently supply a flow rate of 400 l/m whist including specific design elements.


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