17th Jun 2022

Brenntag improved efficiency and pump reliability by switching from failing competitor pump to Crest Pumps.  

Brenntag is a global market leader in chemical distribution, specializing in cosmetic, nutrition, pharmaceutical, cleaning, coating and lubricants.

Brenntag were improving their overall site efficiency and reducing unnecessary costs where possible at their Poole plant. As the process involved an extensive chemical pipe network, these pumps needed to pump caustic soda into different chemical tanks.

Brenntag approached Crest Pumps after a recommendation from their design engineers from another site. The pumps they required needed to provide vastly improved efficiency whilst being capable of running for long periods throughout the day. These pumps also needed to meet specific paint specifications.

Crest Pumps supplied three – fully tailored – mechanically sealed PP process pumps in a compact body. These pumps were able to provide Brenntag with a suitable operating efficiency as well as a corrosion build material to counter the 93% caustic soda’s corrosive properties. 

As part of our continued promise to our customers to make customer satisfaction top priority, 2 of our engineers personally delivered the pumps to Brenntag and installed them ensuring optimum efficiency and the right pumping solution for Brenntag’s application. 

As a result of the improved efficiency, cost savings and improvements to their environmental impact, Crest Pumps have since worked alongside other Brenntag sites in the UK. 

Company Brenntag
Industry Chemical
Application 32% Caustic/Sodium Hypochlorite with Solids
Capacity 20m3/hr
Discharge Head 16 meters
Viscosity 1 cP
Model Supplied PP22 x3
Material PVC
Speciality The pump would need to be able to run for long periods throughout the day.


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