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About Us

Since 1973, Crest Pumps have continued to manufacture Corrosion Resistant, High Quality and Highly Efficient, Chemical Centrifugal Pumps from quality materials. Our Mechanically Sealed Centrifugal Pumps have continued to surpass industry expectations through flexibility to meet customer requirements.

Crest Pumping Services offer a wide range of Magnetic Drive (Mag Drive) Chemical Centrifugal Pumps capable of handling acids, hazardous liquids and toxic chemicals. Our Mag Drive range are seal-less and therefore leak free, meaning no costly clean-up bill if were something to go wrong on the production line.

Together both companies have built up an extensive expertise in manufacturing and supplying efficient and reliable chemical centrifugal pumps to a wide variety of acidic applications.

The Crest team have a vast amount of experience and are willing and able to cater your businesses requirements.


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