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About our other pumps

​Crest Pumps and Crest Pumping Services offer an exclusive range of smaller and more niche chemical and industrial pumps to cater for all of your chemical processing needs.
This range is ever expanding to ensure that we can provide a ‘one stop shop’ for all processing needs.


With over 40 years experience manufacturing and distributing Chemical Pumps, our technical and engineering knowledge has refined our current offering to be as flexible and as efficient as possible.


We offer a range of Air Operated Diaphragm Pumps suitable to Run-Dry and Self-Prime with a capacity to 1083(l/M) and a head capable of reaching 175 meters.
The Crest AOD is suitable for a range of industrial applications because of its flexible design.
We also offer the Crest Barrel & Container Pump. The Crest BC is designed to transfer liquid out of barrels and containers: Suitable for thin, neutral, corrosive or highly flammable liquids. The BC pump has been successfully utilized in almost every industry all over the world!

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