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Our SHL range of Horizontal centrifugal mechanical seal pumps have been a market leader in the chemical and water treatment industry for over 10 years.
Built to a heavy duty standard in a stainless steel construction, the pump is built to ISO2858 and EN25199 standard ensuring up to 100,000 operational hours.

The SHL range is available with open/closed or vortex impeller options.

Max Capacity Rate: 2000m³/hr
Max Discharge Head: 150 meters
Best Efficiency: 85%

shl pump

shl pump chart

shl pump exploded

shl pump exploded 2

    • Capacity to 2000m3/hr
    • Head to 150 meters
    • 316 Stainless Steel
    • Built for Heavy duty
    • Various Seal Options
    • Open/Closed/Vortex impeller options
    • Low NPSHr
    • Built to ISO2858 and EN25199
    • Short Lead Times
    • Large Solid Handling

Heavy duty Build

Our SHL range is built specifically to deal with a variety of corrosive and arduous applications including chemical transfer and water treatment.

316 Stainless Steel

The SHL range is constructed from 316 stainless steel meaning the pump is particularly suitable for water treatment and food processing.

Choice of Materials

Other materials are also available including Duplex, Superduplex and Hastelloy.

Open/Closed/Vortex Impeller options

The open impeller and Vortex impeller are suitable for aggressive liquids with suspended solids and/or high viscosities. The vortex impeller option features a recessed impeller, meaning over 60% of the liquid does not come into contact with the impeller, minimising risk of clogging.


The unique modular design of the SHL range means a pump can be simply adapted to cater for new plant and process requirements, thus keeping overheads to a minimum.

ISO2858, EN25199 certified

The SHL range is ISO2858 and EN25199 certified ensuring the ease of replacing existing pumps.

Wide range of seals

The SHL range can be fitted with various seal configurations from simple mechanical, double back-to-back to exotic cartridge types. Our trained team of experienced pump engineers are on hand to advise the best pump type for your application.

Flexibility to design requirements

Crest offer a totally flexible design specification, meaning a pump can be totally built to your business’s specifications. There are different seal, motor or connection options for the SHL range to be customised to your requirements.

18 months warranty

The whole range of mechanically sealed pumps comes with 18 months warranty, as an assurance to your business that our pumps are quality built.

No obsolete Part Policy

All of our pumps come with our No Obsolete Parts policy, meaning if you have a Crest Pumps pump for 40 years, we will still be able to provide you with parts and an exact replacement to minimise disruption to your production line.
For specific model curves, drawings or specifications, please contact Crest Pumps Group Directly.

Because of the flexible nature of the SHL range, there are many versions of the pump. For Vortex and Open Performance curves please contact Crest Pumps Group Directly.

For specific model curves, drawings or specifications, please contact Crest Pumps Group Directly.

Range Performance Curve

SHL Horizontal centrifugal mechanical seal pumps performance curve

Specifications Table

SHL Horizontal centrifugal mechanical seal pumps Specification Table

Standard General Arrangement Drawing

SHL Horizontal centrifugal mechanical seal pumps General Arrangements Diagram


SHL Horizontal centrifugal mechanical seal pumps Dimensions Table

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