Biodeg - AMX Range

8th Jan 2024

6 Years Ago Biodeg Chemicals replaced their old packed gland pump with a Crest’s AMX pump, powered by modern Magnetic Drive Technology!


“This ‘small’ pump has proven itself over time and apart from a motor change in 2019, has performed admirably over the last six years.” - Dave Anderson - Biodeg Site Manager


Biodeg Chemicals was formed in 1989 to manufacture speciality chemicals, focused specifically on nuisance, difficult and hazardous chemicals. They grew quickly, with the original site reaching full capacity in just two years! Showing their commitment to constant new investment, the larger present site was quickly purchased.
It is on this site that Crest’s AMX Mag Drive Pump transfers disinfectant from a tank 8-10 metres away and, while less than ideal, the pump is up to the task! Biodeg have relied on the pump for 6 years with little maintenance costs and can rely on it for many more years to come. In 21 years, Biodeg’s continued commitment has led to a client list that boasts some of the industries biggest names, and Crest are proud to support them every step of the way!

Biodeg AMX pump in use

C Company - Biodeg



INDUSTRY: Chemical Manufacture
Dutypoint: 30m3/hr at 10m
LIQUID: Disinfectant
YOM: 2014
MATERIAL: Polypropylene + GF
MOTOR: 2.2kW - Atex Zone 2